Fishing Boat Hire, Norfolk Broads

Winsome is a unique hire boat on the Norfolk Broads; she is the only pedal vessel on hire and unique in her own right also. There is no other boat like her.

When you think of a pedal boat, you might get images of a boating lake-style pedalo with garish swan neck rising from the water. Dispel these ideas immediately. Winsome will certainly turn heads, but for the right reasons. She's low, sleek, different and eye-catching.

You don't have to be fit

Pedal Boat HireOur cycle pedal boat has been hand-built using light-weight materials to make it easy to manoeuvre and power. She cuts through the water easily thanks to the classic bow and tight screw pitch on the propeller and is easily pushed along with just one person on the pedals. In fact, the boat is so easy to power that people who consider themselves as unfit can overtake river cruisers - not that we encourage that, of course.

Pedal Skiff Hire Prices

1 Hour Half Day (9-1 or 1-5) Day (9-5)
£20.00 £45.00 £80.00

Winsome is special and because of the unique nature of her, all hirers are required to pay a £100 cash deposit against the safe and undamaged return of the boat before being permitted "in the saddle".

Multiple Day Hire is permissible by agreement. Winsome may not be available during winter.

Where can I pedal to?

Pedal PowerWinsome is remarkably easy to propel through the water, thanks to the special propeller and ligh-weight. You can achieve normal river speeds with surprising ease and so, if you wanted, you could choose to do a whole day's pedalling and get to, say, Stalham and back, Coltishal and back or Potter Heigham and a touch beyond.

If you're not feeling quite that energetic, we'd suggest that you pack a simple picnic and pedal off to a quiet spot somewhere, land and have a spot of lunch.

Stowage space on Winsome is pretty tight. Most of the available space is taken up with the pedals and seating and the only real storage space is behind the seats. A picnic basket may be too large, but a smaller coolbag should be perfect and we'd also recommend the use of smaller bottles of refreshment to keep you hydrated.

Winsome does not have a sun cover, so pack plenty of sun lotion and we'd also recommend sun hats and sun glasses.gfgf

Green Boating

Pedal PowerFreedom Boating Holidays is a big supporter of sustainable, green boating. Whilst we prepare the remainder of our fleet for the Green Boat Mark scheme, we're also focused on providing quality vessels that require little more than a bit of energy to get you exploring the Norfolk Broads.

Our range of "green" boats includes the unique Pedal Skiff, Winsome. Built for one or two people, she can be propelled at normal river speeds with very little effort.

We also offer standard canoes for up to three people, sailing dinghies, rowing boats and even have an electric outboard motor available for our dinghies.

Pedal Skiff Hire - Enjoy the broads and work out at the same time

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